About Us

Association of Music Industry (AHP)

The Association was founded not only as a reaction to the current worldwide crisis in connection with COVID-19 pandemic, but as an organization that has clear goals for the future. The Music Industry in regards to this Association consists of large and economically strong subjects operating in this area. This is, with regards to economic parameters and quantitative public impact (gross revenues, VAT collected from ticket sales and paid to government authorities, numbers of attendees and spectators at events), an entirely dominant group.

We created a platform that will provide a dignified and sovereign partner with a strong mandate during all kinds of negotiations. Not only negotiations with the government of the Czech Republic and its relevant departments, but a communication with all levels of government administration as well, and not limited to currently established subjects operating on the Czech entertainment industry scene. The Association’s objective is to clearly communicate its goals, procedures and positions with general public through media outlets.

Currently, there are thirty founding members of the Association, and many industry subjects sympathizing with the organization. These sympathizing subjects are mainly parties that are already members of similar existing associations or other existing organizations. On principal, the Association is open to new members. New members may join the Association as specified in the articles of organization. The Association has an elected five-member executive committee.